ठाकुर एजूकेशनल ग्रुप मुंबई, के श्रेष्ठ शैक्षणिक परिसर में प्रत्येक क्षेत्र अति उच्चस्तरीय शिक्षण व्यवस्था का अवलोकन कर मैं अभिभूत हू । इस संस्थान की यशकीर्ति सदा बढ्ती रहे।यहाँ के छात्र-छात्रायें अपने जीवन में सफल हों ।
मेरी शुभेच्छा !
डॉ. महेन्द्र नाथ पाण्डेय ,
राज्यमंत्री, मानव संसाधन विकास मंत्रालय,
भारत सरकार.

It's a very good experience and privilege for me to visit thakur college of engineering and technology kandivali. Amazing and mind blowing facilities for students of engineering. I must say it's a five star facility for industries.
Ajay Modi
Vasai Industrial Manufactures Welfare Association (VIMA)

Excellent eco-system has been developed by the institute denately it will help to nurture successful entrepreneurs.
Dr. Naveen Vasishta
IEDC Coordinator,

Its very encouraging to note that the chairman of the institute has to dream to create entrepreneurs for India and thus has started the incubation centre. The facilities are excellent housekeeping is great and the hospitality shown has been outstanding.
Dr. Madhukar Rao,
GAIL (India) Ltd.

An excellent exercise of bringing all stake holder on a common platform the activities must be continued. The college campus and other infrastructure are impressive.
Prof. V.G. Gaikar
Vice Chancellor
Dr. BA. Technology University.

Good interaction and happy to see students/ professor promoting entrepreneurs.
Sunil Gupta,
Innoval Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Excellent college with all the infrastructure and facilities.
Neelam Verma
GAIL (India) Ltd.

Very good initiative for young engineers. All the best for future events.
Libratheral Instruments Pvt. Ltd.


Through its support & valuable contributions, the incubation centre has helped us sustain & grow our business over past year. We would like to thank Dr. Kamal Shah & Dr. Deven Shah for their guidance. Also, we would like to thank Maithlee Madam, Ashish Sir, Bhupesh & Manish for their support & effort on running Incubation Centre Smoothly On daily Basis.
Roopam Mishra,
Phionik Solutions LLP.

We are a Design Based startup and were unsure, of how our team will grow, so we were looking for a quick plug & play kind of workplace, we also get access to the meeting room, seminar halls, mentors & so much more. The journey with IEDC has been fantastic looking forward to years of growth.
Malhar Lakdawala,
Co-Founder, Levelup Multilink LLP.

TCET Centre is one of the best choice for bootstrapped startups. It gives an amazing opportunity where entrepreneurs get to cowork & explore a new world. A very special thanks to Dr. Kamal Shah madam who ensures best of possible facilities at the centre.
Kishan A. Raithatha,
Company Global Anytime

Good place to work in affordable rent for Entrepreneur or startups and easy to access by public transport.
Ashok Shinde,
IT Tech Solutions

TCET IEDC has provided is an excellent platform to support entrepreneurs like us. The platform is very helpful to grow and build business.
Ravi Agrawal,
ACS Business Solution.


"Electronics engineering department not only impart advanced theoretical knowledge in the eld of electronic and electrical engineering, but also allowed to develop practical skills such as project building, problem-solving, and effective communication skills through various activity. This ability to adapt to current trendsin research is what makes the department exceptional. This aforementioned ability is the product of a departmental attitude to embrace wider research areas in order to provide excellence through the perseverance of all those who work and study to achieve the goal.
Hemant P. Kasturiwale,
Associate Professor -ETRX

I have practically evolved at TCET as far as my career is concerned. Ten years out of my 16-year career I have been spent with TCET and I must say these have been years well spent. I joined here as an Assistant Professor and the kind of exposure i have received has been phenomenal and has helped me mould myself into a well-rounded professional. I have learnt several aspects of teaching learning processes and administrative work which i am grateful to the institute. I can proudly say that I work for an organization that encourages being innovative and teaches you things that no other institute can provide with such platform.
Dr.Rajesh Bansode,
Professor & HoD (IT)

TCET has state-of-the-art-infrastructure and right academic ambience for developing professional, managerial and leadership skills of students. At TCET, the students are encouraged for project based learning as an integral part of teaching learning which enhance their open ended problem solving skills and helps them to understand and address the real word challenges with social sensitivity.
Dr. Nita Jain,
Assistant Professor-H&S

TCET has grown and is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Four of its departments are NBA Accredited and also have obtained permanent affiliation to the University of Mumbai which speaks volumes of the strides TCET has taken over the years. At TCET, students are getting a great education. I personally know almost the entire faculty here, and they are all truly amazing people who put a great deal of time into educating their students. The College is working to become one of the most modem schools in the region, with new facilities already in use, and others being built.
Sanjeev Ghosh,
Associate Professor & Dy. HoD (EXTC)