International Yoga Day 2018

Report on International Yog day

Objective :

International Yoga day is celebrated worldwide to create awareness about innumerable benefits of Yoga. Yoga provides a holistic approach to health and well-being. Yoga also brings harmony in all walks of life and thus, is known for disease prevention, health promotion and management of many lifestyle related disorders.

Details :

International Yog day was celebrated on 21st June 2018.There were 120 participants including 67 faculty members from various departments,33 staff members and 20students. 2 faculty members (Ms.Anvita Birje and Ms.kalawati Patil) and one student (Miss.Sachi from TE ETRX) demonstrated CYP for participants for guiding them. There were 8 faculty members and 15 staff members who supported this programme to make it successful. It was conducted as per ‘Common Yoga Protocol’. The flow of programme was as given below:


Introduction :

Information about IYD and briefing about Yoga and meditation,important tips for practitioner

Prayer :

May you move in harmony; may you speak in unison; let our mind be equanimous like in the beginning; let the divinity manifest in your sacred endeavours.

Chalan Kriya/ Loosening Exercises :

  • Neck Movements (left,right,circular)
  • Trunk Movements (right ,left),Shoulder Movements
  • Backward bending,Knee Bending

Asanas :

a. Standing Postures

(Tadasan,Vrikshasan, paadHastasan –forward bending,Trikonasan)

b. Standing Postures

(Dandasan-Starting pose,Bhadrasan, paschimottanasan,vakrasan, Vajrasan Shashankasan, ardhaushtrasan,)

c. Standing Postures

(Bhujangasan, Dhanurasan ,Shalabhasan, ,Makarasan)

d. Standing Postures

( Setubandhasan,Pavanmuktasan, Cycling, twisting, Shavasan)

Pranayam :

(Dhyan mudra,deep breathing,Kapalbhati,AnulomVilom, Bhramari ,Omkar,Dhyan)

Sankalpa :

I commit, to make myself into a healthy, peaceful, joyful and loving human being. Through every action of mine, I will strive to create a peaceful and loving atmosphere around me. I strive to break the limitations of who I am right now and include the entire world as my own. I recognize the kinship of my own life with every other life. I recognize the unity of all there is.


Programme ended with shantipaath and sankalp.

Glimpses of IYD 2018

Videos of IYD 2018