Principal's Message

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."- Nelson Mandela

Education is the power and it should be accomplished with the right path, spirit and zest. However, quality education is the need of hour that demands holistic education to inculcate knowledge which would transform into wisdom. It should be pursued with right attitude, aptitude, skills, thinking ability and ethical values among the students who would contribute to build the nation and strengthen the global networking for professional sustainability as well as social well-being. Engineering education is a professional education which provides an opportunity to individual to gain professional career, lifelong learning and earning and domestic as well as global networking for meaningful contribution to engineering ecosystem. It provides the solution to almost 60-70% of global problems.

We are very optimistic about the students' progress and overall development as day by day the ambience of TCET is getting vibrant to impart structured and guided curriculum. In addition, the institution is also sensitive towards the inclusive growth and development of the economically weaker section of the society to provide ample support by collaborating with various corporates and NGO's. We always imbibe the positive attitude among the students to encourage them to face the challenges in today's competitive global market.

TCET being one of the premiere institutes and well recognized by the stakeholders, takes the pride of providing holistic education based on following attributes:

  • Academic Curriculum of UoM for development of academic skill
  • Problem solving, critical thinking, visualization based education for innovative skill
  • Activity, Technology and Project-based learning for professional skill
  • Co- curricular / extra-curricular activities for overall development of personality

All institutional activities are conducted through process-based approach for performance excellence and rich outcomes where almost all students get professionally placed on successful completion of the program. Moreover, TCET is one of the few institutes in the country which is accredited by NBA as well as NAAC. Therefore, holistic approach towards the relevant and quality holistic education with rich interdisciplinary and multi disciplinary components have created the confidence among the aspiring students to join the institute for successful career.

TCET invites the aspiring students looking for rewarding career through engineering education at UG, PG and Ph.D.(Tech.) level to join the institute to shape their future career through quality professional education and training at par with global standards.

TCET welcomes you to join this vivacious and exciting new world of Science and technology in all its facets. We wish you all the aspiring students for the best rewarding career with bright future.