IEEE TCET Students Forum provides a platform for all students to enhance their technical skills and expand their knowledge in all domain. The members of IEEE benifit from the seminars,workshops and activities that are planned internationally renowned Committee and have access to IEEE's website. The members also get access to the monthly Technical Magazine by IEEE which keeps them updated with the latest trends around the world.The members are also allowed to participate in International Conferences and Symposium's organized by IEEE all around the world.Currently IEEE-TCET has 100 members associated with it.

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Important activities

Step into the world of technology August 2016
Finding small scale industries August 2016
Scilab Workshop August 2016
Haptics Workshop September 2016
Industrial Visit(IV) January 2016
MULTICON'17 Arduino Workshop February 2017
IOT March 2017
VISUAL T-CAD March 2017
Eduvance March 2017
IELTS Seminar (British Council) March 2017
Hackathon'17 March 2017
IC The Future March 2017

Future plans

To Organize IEEE 360 which is an inter-college technical symposium held every year consisting of a diverse range of workshops,seminars and other technical events.

Working Committee

Branch Councellor Dr. Lochan Jolly
Faculty In-Charge Mr Deepak S Shete
Ms Aradhna Manekar

Chairperson Srinath Nilkanthan
Vice Chairperson Sonali Choudhary
Treasurer Shriya Shah
Event Manager Saurabh Roy
Secretary Chinmay Tompe
Marketing Manager Dhairya Upadhyay