"An Investment in Knowledge pays the Best Interest. " - Benjamin Franklin
“TCET-R&D cell shall inculcate the R&D culture at par with internationally reputed institutes and in coherence with the scope of the programme.”
MISSION TCET-R&D cell is dedicated to help advance existing knowledge and nurture new ideas by providing resources and facilities to create cutting edge products from which future research will emerge.
1:  To motivate faculty members and students for research and development activities in the area of specialized domains defined by the institute.

2:  To encourage and assist faculty and students to apply for minimum one grant yearly in major domains from various government and non government funding agencies.

3:  To interact with industry, government, professionals, experts from research laboratory etc. for research opportunities.

4:  To incubate, projects in the institute and then promote and commercialize them to external stakeholders like industry and other institutions through yearly project exhibition and competition. 5:  To conduct minimum one workshop in major domains and one industrial visit for staff and students on emerging technologies. 6:  To have memorandum of understanding (MOU) with industries for research service and product development and to provide solutions to industrial problems through consultancy. 7:  To register the work done by R&D cell under Intellectual Property Rights like copyrights, patents etc.
R&D Products
  • Gain and Bandwidth Enhancement of Helical Loaded Cavity
  • Backed Antenna
  • Text Bookto Tablet
  • Mood Indicator
  • Bus Tracking System
  • Feedback & Attendance System
  • Next generation Farming
  • Greener alternative to Plastic industry
  • Raspberry Pi Based Projector
  • Solar Harvesting
  • Home Automation System
  • Auto Maneuvering Robomorph
  • Tata Motors RTO Software Solution
  • Website Enhancement of Pragmatic Consultancy
  • Electricity Generation using Speed Breaker
  • Audio Control Circuit
  • Sign Language Translation Glove
  • Automatic Street Light with motion detection
  • 4*4*4 LED Cube
  • Automatic Car Washing Centre
  • Home Automation System Using Bluetooth