Student Activities & Achievements (P.G. COMP):

Co-Curricular Activities

  1. Technical Seminars, Webinars and hands-on workshop conducted every semester for skill up-gradation.
  2. Research Colloquium is conducted every year in the month of February in which all PG students participate enthusiastically.
  3. Mr. Laukik Salvi (2016-18) participated in Avishkar 2019. His project title was “Development of Futuristic water conservation method using enhanced techniques”.
  4. Ms. Drashti Srimal received won Inspire awradin Accenture for best contribution.
  5. Mr. Amrat Malli, Jha Lakshmi, Sharma Poojai(2019-21) participated in Avishkar 2020. Their project title was “Comfort Zone”.
  6. Three students, Loukik Salvi, Drashti Srimal and Anuradha Maurya presented invited paper on User Experience Design at Sanghvi College of Commerce and Economics.
  7. Ms. Aishwarya Verma(2018-20)completed internship at L&T infotech.
  8. Ms. Tarunima Ganguly (2019-21) completed Internship from M/s Burgandy Box in First semester.

Extracurricular Activities

Cultural festival Traditional day