Electronics & Telecommuniation Engineering(M.E. E&TC)


“ To become the premier center for post graduate studies with focus on research in Engineering & Technology ”.


To create an academic environment that enriches the students knowledge with emphasis on multidisciplinary learning interwoven with research.

The P.G. (E&TC) Course is a two year full time programme. Major subjects covered in the first year under the course includes: Statistical Signal Analysis, Optical Fiber Communication, Digital Signal Processing and its Applications, Advanced Digital Communications, Mobile and Wireless Communications, Microwave and Millimeter wave Communication Systems and four elective subjects. The second year is fully devoted for project work.

Dr. Lochan Jolly
Professor , Dean(Student & Staff Welfare) & HOD - P.G.(E&TC)

The P. G. department is headed by Dr. Lochan Jolly and is committed towards providing the students not only quality education, training and research opportunities but also an enriching experience that lasts a lifetime.

The P.G. Department has experienced faculty members who are helping and inspiring students to excel in studies and research activities. The course has strong potential for students who wish to join the communication sector and is also one of the primary requirements for getting into academics.

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PG Recognized Faculty List

Name of Faculty
01 Dr. B.K. Mishra Principal
02 R. R. Sedamkar Professor & Director IQAC
Dr. Lochan Jolly
Professor & Dean Student & Staff Welfare & HOD - P.G.(E&TC)
Dr. Vinitkumar Dongre
05 Dr. Payel Saha Professor & HOD - U.G.(E&TC)
Mr. Sanjeev Ghosh
Associate Professor & Deputy HOD - E&TC
Dr. Sangeeta Mishra
Associate Professor
Ms. Aradhana Manekar
Incumbent Assistant Professor
09 Dr. Sandhya Save Professor ELEX
10 Mrs. Poorva G. Waingankar Associate Professor
11 Mr. Hemant Kasturiwale Associate Professor & Deputy HOD ELEX
12 Dr. Bijith Marakarkandy Associate Professor & HOD - IT
13 Dr. Rajesh Bansode Professor & MR

Best Practices

  • Conduction of Foundation Program before the start of academic year
  • Student-Centric learning environment
  • Timely completion of course and dissertation
  • Offering most of the elective subjects for domain specialization and to encourage research activity.
  • Active participation of the faculty and students in various activities.
  • Collaborative Research Projects with industry and R&D organization
  • Most of the students get first class / Distinction

Key Facilities

  • Stipend for GATE qualified students by AICTE
  • Teaching assistantship for deserving & needy student
  • Placement Assistance for deserving eligible students
  • Remote learning facility in association with IIT-Bombay
  • Earn while Learn Scheme
  • Well equipped laboratories.
  • Well stacked Library and e-resources
  • Engineering Colloquium for post graduate students and doctoral scholars
  • Ph. D. Research Centre (EXTC) of University of Mumbai
  • Innovation Centre of Excellence by Accenture

Key Activites

  • Remote learning facility in association with IIT-Bombay
  • Engineering Colloquium for post graduate students and doctoral scholars
  • Participation of second year M.E. students in Mumbai University project competition ‘AVISHKAR’
  • Projects selected for project competition at state level for ‘AVISHKAR-2011 & 2013’
  • Innovation center of Excellence by Accenture

Result Highlights

Topper's List

Name of the student Percentage / SGPA Year
Khan Afreenbano 9.24/10 SGPA May 2021
Mr. Gaurang Pandit 9.82/10 SGPA May 2020
Ms. Kavita Thakur 8.81/10 SGPA May 2019
Ms. Aarti Dharmani 8.81/10 SGPA May 2018
Mr. Manish Wadkar 8.57/10 SGPA May 2017
Mr.Soparkar Shafaque N. 9.59/10 SGPA May 2016
Ms. Kshirsagar Shruti R. 8.55/10 SGPA May 2015
Ms Reddy Vimala S 9.45/10 SGPA May 2014
Mr. Preetam B. Jain 67.50 % GPA 7.64 May 2013
Mr. Rahul S. Yadav 70% May 2012