Establishment : Academic Year 2016-17.
Objective :
1. TCET has collaboration with IITs through HOC cell (Under NPTEL local chapter of Online courses) to provide students online courseware in the form of web courses..
2.NPTEL is the official SWAYAM national coordinator for engineering. All NPTEL online certification courses are SWAYAM courses too, and they are available on the SWAYAM platform as well.
3. NPTEL provides e-learning through online web and video courses in Engineering, sciences, technology, management and humanities.
4. NPTEL runs Online Certification Courses that are in great demand in industry.
5. Enrolling and learning from the course involves no cost.
6. Flexibility for the student as he/she can prioritize his/her time and work at one's own pace.

Expected Outcome :
1. Participants receiving quality instruction and education in select topics and skills can improve their employability and widen their knowledge base, get introduced to new domains.
2. Across India and professionals from the industry which will enrich the learning experience.
3. Inculcate mode of self-learning.
4. Evaluate themselves on how they compare against the pool of students nationwide.
5. After successful completion of the course each participants and mentor are eligible for industry recognized certificate.
6. These courses and certificates can be quoted while applying to internships at companies.

Team Leader : Anil Vasoya
Team Members : Dr. Sangeeta Mishra, Shailendra Shastri, Vinay Bhatkar, Veena Kulkarni, Jesal Joshi, Roohi Mehta, Vinay Bachal, Sudhir Dhekne.