Vice-Principal's Message

Welcome to Thakur College of Engineering and Technology!!

We at Thakur College of Engineering and Technology (TCET), are committed to provide a caring, supportive and conducive learning environment where every student is guided and encouraged to become an independent learner, fulfilling their potential in all areas of their career. We have a strong focus on high quality teaching and learning, fostering of positive relationships among all. We place a strong emphasis on working hard, supporting one another and good standards of behaviour and courtesy. We recognise that everyone has an important part to play in a student's development and that all contributions no matter how big or small are valued. We therefore seek to work in close partnership with parents, industry professionals, professionals from research and development sector, government and non-government sectors and other important stakeholders.

It is a real pleasure and a moment of pride for us to hear from our alumni who are now working with multi-national companies in many different countries, and in a vast array of jobs and situations around the world. Some of them are studying at leading universities and colleges in many parts of the world. And yet, each one of them is connected to TCET as they recognize the important role the institute has played in their lives.

Thank you very much foryourtrust in us! We assure you of a great learning experience atTCET.