Content policy

This Web Content policy sets the College's standard for:

  • establishing acceptable use of those Web pages,
  • enhancing the College's mission by clarifying responsibilities of Web content authors, and
  • requiring accurate, useful and attractive presentations of information on those Web pages.

The College website, portal, and webpages are owned by the College and intended solely for College-related purposes. They may be used to post college activities and departmental accomplishments, to convey course information, deliver instruction, and communicate with colleagues and students, and, by administrative offices.

The main page of each site or subsite must have the following information readily accessible: A prominent link to the referring webpage, whether from the portal or the external website. Refer Website Heirarchy

The IT department makes decisions on the format and organization of information on the college's website and all associated upper-level pages. All requests for adding departmental information on website should be sent to the IT department, and final decisions will be made by them.

For further information please contact IT department at