"Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man." - Swami Vivekanand
“To become the department of national relevance in the field of Computer Engineering”
To nurture students with sound engineering knowledge in the field of computing through effective use of modern tools with a focus on global employability by imbibing leadership qualities, ethical attitude, lifelong learning and social sensitivity.
Program Specific Outcomes
PSO1:   Develop academic aptitude and apply knowledge of computing and mathematics to computer science problems and thereby design and develop Software and Hardware Systems

PSO2:   Enhance research skills and utilize advanced computing tools for analysis, design and implementation of computing systems for resolving real life / social problems

PSO3:  Utilize multi-disciplinary knowledge required for satisfying industry / global requirements and hence develop an attitude for life long learning

PSO4:   Have all round personality with skills like leadership, verbal and written communication, team work, sensitivity towards society in order to become valued and responsible professionals.

PSO Batch 2023-27 onwards:  

PSO1:   An ability to utilize mathematical, algorithmic and theoretical foundations in the field of computer engineering

PSO2:   An ability to use modern engineering tools and technology and demonstrate problem solving skills through programming

PSO3:  An ability to analyze problem requirements for design and development of appropriate solutions

PSO4:   An ability to develop all round personality with skills like communication, team work, leadership and sensitivity towards society in order to become valued and responsible professionals

Department Profile

Establishment: A.Y. 2002-2003

Program offered: 4 years B.E., 2 years M.E., Ph.D.

Faculty strength: 33

Department library: 377 books, 84 Resource books, 40 Multicon books, 13 black books, 30 Blue books, 90 Magazines

Success rate: 97.14 %

Professional chapter: CSI-TCET

Student Membership: CSI, IEEE, NSS, ISTE, IETE

Number of labs: 06 U.G. Labs + 01 P.G. Lab + PhD Research Centre

Number of class rooms: 06 U.G. Classrooms + 01 P.G. Classroom + 01 Tutorial Room

Common facilities: Seminar Hall-04, Multipurpose room, Digital Library

Publication: “Nimbus” Department's E-Magazine, Programme Resource book, Course Resource book, E-Newsletter-Tech Talk

No. of batches graduated: 18

Defence and Armed: NCC

Student Oriented Best Practices

Student Oriented Best Practices

Growth and Career opportunities in Computer Engineering

Studying computer engineering has many potentials for transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration, which is one of its main benefits. Computer engineers frequently collaborate with experts from many industries. This collaboration encourages creativity and creates opportunities for ground-breaking study and research in fields related to computer engineering.

Computer engineers can think critically, solve complicated problems, and adapt to quickly changing technical environments through a blend of academic knowledge, real-world experience, and project-based learning, research based learning the curriculum is created to develop these competencies.

The field offers a wide range of career paths and avenues for students to explore and excel in. Companies ranging from technology giants to start-ups actively recruit computer engineering graduates for their technical expertise and problem-solving abilities. The placement rate for computer engineering students is generally high, with many students receiving attractive job offers even before completing their degrees. Higher studies offer opportunities for in-depth research, specialization, and the development of advanced technical skills. This path can lead to careers in academia, research institutions, or leadership roles in industry. With the support of incubators, accelerators, and entrepreneurship programs, students can gain valuable mentorship, funding, and resources to turn their ideas into successful businesses. The field of computer engineering is conducive to continuous learning and professional growth. Overall, computer engineering provides students with a strong foundation and diverse opportunities for growth in terms of placement, higher studies, and entrepreneurship. The field's constant innovation and demand ensure that students have a wide range of career options and the potential to make a significant impact in the technology-driven world.

Therefore, Computer Engineering Department has scope across various industries and offers ample range of career opportunities. The various job roles are of Web Developer, Software Developer, Software Testing Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Database Analyst, CR System Analyst, Business System Analyst, Data Warehouse Developer, Data Modeler, IT Manager, QA Analyst, IT Auditor, Application Developer.

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