Dean's (Academic) Message


It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you and introduce the academics at TCET. Through Quality Education we aim to transform a young, enthusiastic student into a professionally competent engineer capable of accepting the challenges of the Industry. Inspired by the guiding principles of ‘Academic excellence’, ‘Innovation’ and ‘Professionalism’, TCET aspires to prepare a work- force comparable to the best in the country through a learner- centric, dynamic approach of teaching. The focus is on 'creative learning' based on the unique approaches such as continuously updated curriculum, Project based learning, Research based learning, Activity based learning and most importantly plenty of choice in selecting the subjects of interest through electives. Students are given platform to acquire Major and Minor degree through specializations. The major emphasis is on imparting technical training to promote curiosity and innovativeness among the students and the foundation from where they can acquire fast learning ability and adaptively with the fast changing needs of the industry.

Ever since we got autonomy in 2019, we have ensured that a substantial number of constructive changes have been made to the traditional curriculum in creating a word-class curriculum and a stimulating learning environment for our students. The curriculum is designed towards providing the students a strong background in fundamentals, an ability to translate it to real life problems and ability to design, build and analyze different products, processes and systems. Incorporation of courses from all areas, be it humanities, sciences, technology etc. ensures holistic development of graduates who understand the impact of their actions or decisions on the society and environment. Domain skills are complemented with soft skills and this together gives TCET students an edge in the domestic and global market.

TCET, will provide a transformational experience to its students who are expected to maintain the utmost standards of integrity, professional commitment and ethics. I am confident that our students would be an asset to the organization through their technical and managerial capabilities.

We believe, “Engineers create the best out of a given situation and Engineering careers are not built in comfort zones”. I, once again, welcome all of you to TCET for a fruitful learning journey!

DR. Sheetal Rathi