Institutional Growth

    Institutional Growth


    Infrastructure Infrastructure

    Infrastructure has been more than doubled and ICT infrastructure has more than10X computers on LAN with the campus agreement with microsoft, adobe, matlab, labview, etc. and today one of the favourite destinations for online examination at national level. Since A.Y. 2020-22, TCET has the potential to support hybrid mode of TLP. In the future the institute wishes to have the online courses platform.

    courses Courses

    One of the biggest institutes in the state of Maharashtra with 11 UG courses, 3 PG and 3 Ph.D courses. Institute has grown from 180 in A.Y. 2001 to 1194 in A.Y.2023-24. Intake -180 to 1234 today including all UG, PG and Ph. D. Today student strength in the campus is more than 3700. This is mainly because of consistent AICTE 100% compliances, NBA of UG programmes, continuous study and research to meetcourses demand in the market.

    core-competency Core Competency

    Institute has developed the core competency where education is diversified to broaden the scope for active learning to three domains: Academics, Training, and R&D for the productive student life as well as the engineering career after graduation.

    curriculum Curriculum

    Traditional university curriculum upto A.Y. 2018-19 has been changed to industry linked professional curriculum after getting autonomy in A.Y. 2019-20 with additional provision of HSD, PSD, Major, Minor courses, Mandatory INTERNSHIP. These changes in curriculum make the TCET curriculum pragmatic, contemporary and futuristic.

    holistic-education Holistic Education

    Successful implementation of the Holistic education, 600 hrs Internship and 100 Activity points (AICTE) since A. Y. 2019-20 onwards. TCET is the first college to implement such a credit in the city of mumbai. Implemented internship successfully for all students from F. E to B.E ensuring all students will complete a minimum 600hrs of internship. To ensure, all should complete as per schedule, provision has been added as in-house and out house internship with diversified scope.

    internship Internship

    Effective implementation of internship, AICTE 100 activity points with evaluation and assessment. It resulted into student employability skills, multinational placement and dream company placements of students through internship and hackathon path. It has increased the industry acceptance of our students.

    student-community Student Community

    One social body and two professional bodies in 2005 has increased to six social/army training (NCC) chapters in A.Y. 20022-23, 5-6 clubs, 13 professional bodies, and one source organisation. TCET is the only institute to have an NCC wing and open source organisation in a private engineering college in maharashtra.

    success-rate Success Rate

    Students SR in the courses has consistently grown from 67% for Batch-2005 to more than 90% for Batch-2022 with almost 100% graduation rate. Alumni community of 180 in A.Y. 2004-05 to more than 10,000 spread globally in A.Y. 2021-22.

    industries-connect Industries Connect

    Today more than 300 companies accredited the institute for the initial years of campus placement, college was in tier-III for campus placement and has come in tier-II institutions after passing out of the first batch, Batch-2020 onwards under autonomy. Campus placement has improved from 45% to more than 90%. Many of the students are globally placed.

    placement Placement

    Maximum salary package is 44 lakhs and median and mean salary of around 6 lakhs in the current academic year which was merely around 3 lakhs for the first batch-2005. After autonomy, campus placement scope has been further broadened. Campus placement path is supplemented with the placement through internship and apprenticeship. It also supports the students with Earn while Learning Scheme and also the global MNC placement. TCET is the only institute where campus placement is strengthened but also supplemented the career path with higher studies and online certification for enhancing the professional career which is one of the major pathways to international placement. Today more than 30% in the final opt for such track. Activities are run through the independent HOC cell contemporary to Training and Placement Cell.


one Growth in Sanctioned Intake by AICTE

two Growth in No. of Students

three Growth in No. of Employees

four Library Hoalding

five Computing Facilities & Internet Bandwidth

six Graduation & Success Rate (Institute Level)