About Training

In the era of ICT, institute realizes the radical changes in the employment pattern of fresh graduates. This is chiefly because of the following reasons:

  • Industries wish fresh graduates to be productive from the very first day
  • Student looks for campus placement in blue chip companies particularly in the area of ICT/ITES

It needs:

  • Sound communication skills
  • Strong domain knowledge
  • Corporate work etiquette
  • Familiarity with recent trends and challenges

Therefore, at TCET the importance is given to training programmes. Training at institute level is taken care by T&P Cell. It provides assistance to the students in counselling and guiding for their successful career which is a crucial interface between the stages of completion of academic programme of the students and their entry into the professional career.

Important Training Activities:

Student Development Programme (SDP)

Student Development Programme is a one week dedicated programme for all Second and Third year Engineering students during the semester break. The main objective is to enhance students overall personality & performance and creates awareness about the latest updates and hands-on experience of latest technology.
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Pre-placement Training

The Pre-placement Training is a three week programme organized for all BE & ME students of all branches. The program is conducted in 3 phases. The main objective is to make the students employable by providing them training on aptitude skills and soft skills. Under this, various mock activities like Aptitude test, Group discussion and personal interviews are conducted in third phase to evaluate students.
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Industry Oriented Training (Internal Students)

  1. Infosys Campus Connect Programme(ICCFP)
    Infosys Campus Connect Programme is an opportunity for all students (above average, average and below average) to enhance their technical knowledge and test the students on their capability to understand the problem, define the problem and solve the problem through written test, assignments and projects. It is also an opportunity for faculty members to experiment with new content like problems, case studies, examples, etc., as also to upgrade their knowledge.
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  2. Zensar Employability Skill Development Programme
    Zensar Technologies Ltd conduct “Employability Skills Development” (ESD) training for final year Computer & Information Technology students with objective to develop effective verbal and non verbal communication skills, to help them experience corporate needs and how to meet them through team effort and out of the box thinking, to strengthen the capabilities of student interactions with corporate personnel. The training is divided in two modules. First module covers Basic programming concepts of JAVA & SQL and soft skills . Second module covers advanced JAVA programming.
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  3. Corporate Training
    Corporate training focuses on corporate ethics and etiquettes, resume writing and interview skills so that students can get an exposure to industry work culture, ethics and etiquettes followed in the corporate sector. This training also provides students with some tips to improve their performance in personal interview. It also helps students for their bright professional career in the corporate world.
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  4. Internship/ Industrial Visit
    Internship is helpful for suitable industry oriented skill based training for students’ professional careers which are similar in some ways to apprenticeships for trade and vocational jobs. This would help students to understand the working environment of the organization.
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  5. Industry institute Symposium
    Industry Institute Symposium is a one day program for all stakeholders in technical education. The main objectives are to identify career opportunities for Engineering Graduates in public, private and multinational organizations, to explore the opportunities for placements through competitive examinations, to provide platform for lifelong learning for stakeholders, to strengthen the relationship with all the stakeholders through their engagement, to develop quality models for enhancing EG capacity and capabilities.
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Industry orientated workshop(External Students)

Industry orientated workshop is a two days program for students having technical background. The main objective is to bridge the gap between university curriculum and Industry requirement .We, TCET is providing a platform for the students, researchers and faculty to get acquainted with the current trends and practices. The workshop covers wide variety of domains such as Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering etc.
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