Recent years have seen tremendous increase in the demand for Civil Engineering which is mainly because of the exponential growth in the sector of infrastructure and the allied industry. This has also added to the increased demand in R & D and education sector. Responding to the need of the hour, the institute has started the department of Civil Engineering from the academic year 2014-15, with an intake of 120 seats. Therefore batch will reach to second year in the current A.Y. 2015-16 and therefore department of civil engineering is established in the current Academic year. The department is committed to nurture rigor for academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities amongst its students and is confident of becoming at par with the established departments in the institute.
Dr. Seema Jagtap
In-Charge HOD, Asst. Professor

Department Vision

"To become a department of national relevance in the field of Civil Engineering."

Department Mission

The department of Civil Engineering is committed to provide undergraduate students with sound knowledge in the field of civil engineering, and build in them leadership and managerial skills along with inculcating the culture of lifelong learning and social sensitivity.

Programme Educational Objectives

PEO1 To prepare learners with a sound foundation in the mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals.
PEO2 To prepare learners to use modern tools effectively to solve real life problems.
PEO3 To prepare learners for successful career in Indian and multinational organizations, and to excel in postgraduate studies.
PEO4 To encourage and motivate learners for self-learning.
PEO5 To inculcate professional and ethical attitude, good leadership qualities and commitment to social responsibilities in the learners.
PEO6 To prepare students by bridging the gaps between the curriculum and industries requirement.

Programme Outcomes

PO1 Able to apply knowledge of mathematics, engineering and technology to the discipline
PO2 Able to identify and solve real life problems.
PO3 Able to demonstrate their ability to deal effectively with ethical and professional issues.
PO4 Able to function in Indian and multinational organizations.
PO5 Able to perform academic activities and achieve the expected requirements by conforming to a pre -defined process as set by the institute and university.
PO6 Able to efficiently make use of additional training provided throughout the course thereby satisfying industry requirements and become globally employable.
PO7 Able to communicate effectively to both technical and non-technical audiences.
PO8 Able to become a versatile professional and function effectively as an individual and as a member of a team.
PO9 Able to understand professional, ethical, legal, security, and social issues and responsibilities.

Major Subjects

Basic Engineering:Engineering Mechanics, Applied Mathematics, Engineering Drawing, Fluid Mechanics, Strength of Materials etc.

Core Engineering:Building Materials and Construction, Concrete Technology, Engineering Geology, Structural Analysis, Building Design and drawing, Construction Engineering etc.

Advanced Engineering: Construction Management, Environmental Engineering, Quantity Survey, Estimation and costing, Advanced Structural Analysis, Advanced Foundation Engineering, Pavement Subgrade & Materials, Air Pollution, Prestressed Concrete etc.

Application based :Structural Dynamics, Risk and Value Management, Applied Hydraulics, Reinforced Concrete Repairs and Maintenance, Traffic Engineering and Control, Advanced Computational Techniques etc


Year of starting of programme : 2013-14
Year of establishment : 2014-15
Program offered : 04 years B.E. in CIVIL ENGINEERING
Faculty strength : 15
Professional chapter : ASCE(in Process)
No. of Batches graduated : First batch will pass in 2017-18
Number of Labs :8 + 2(Proposed)
Number of Class rooms : 4 + 2 (Proposed)
Common Facilities : Seminar Hall-01,02,03,Digital Library

Toppers list

Name of the student GPA
Chaudhary Harshal 9.77
Rawal Meet 9.42
Bhanushali Umang 9.17
Vora Mihir 9.12
Saiya Jigar 9.04
Patel Tej 8.96
Karesia Mohit 8.85
Yadav Akash 8.73
Sant Soham 8.62
Joshi Jaykishan 8.54

Best Practices (Student-Centric)

  • Academic delivery as per the curriculum of UOM
  • Continuous monthly monitoring of attendance
  • 100% syllabus Coverage & Remedial coaching
  • Teacher-Guardian scheme
  • Orientation programs/ seminar/ workshops, industrial visits, expert lectures etc.
  • Training / ISO awareness programme
  • Mini-projects and presentation to develop practical approach
  • Quality Improvement Programme and R&D activities
  • Industry-institute interaction.
  • Student Development Programme (SDP)- Training to bridge the gap between curriculum and industry requirements.
  • Training / workshop / seminars / conference-To update students with the current trends and emerging challenges and also to improve their skills for technical writing.
  • Quality improvement programmes and R&D activities-To nurture professional growth of students with creative and innovative mind which will prepare the mind set of students for life long learning.
  • Faculty Profile

    Academic Highlights

    • F.E. result higher than University average result
    • Final year B.E. results are more than 85%
    • 80% or more pass with Distinction/First Class
    • Success rate is more than 75%
    • 20% qualify in competitive examinations viz.

    Faculty Highlights

    • 170 committed and dedicated faculty
    • 23 senior faculty members
    • 23 faculty with Ph.D., 4 faculty submitted Thesis and 31 are pursuing Ph.D.
    • 108 faculty with M.E. /M.Tech./M.Phil.
    • 24 faculty pursuing M.E./ M.Tech. / M. Phil.

    Placement Highlights

    • Student Development Programme (SDP)
    • Industry oriented professional knowledge
    • Infosys/Accenture Campus Connect Programme
    • More than 25 companies visit the campus
    • 302 students from Batch-2014 placed till date
    • 322 students from Batch-2015 placed till date
    • Joint campus for many blue chip companies