The Scheme of Lifelong Learning and Extension is monitored through separate Guidelines of UGC from its subsequent five year plans and funds allocations. In the XI five year plan period (2007-2012), as per the guidelines the existing Departments of all the 80 Universities in India, including eight universities in Maharashtra State is renamed as “Lifelong Learning & Extension”. T.C.E.T is one of the colleges that is affiliated to Mumbai University.

The Extension Work Programme with its specific mandate to work for the less privileged sections of the society and our efforts are to extend educational programmes that will enhance and improve the quality of life of such groups in par with today’s socio economic changes taking place with the technology driven knowledge based competitive economy drive. Extension Education and Field Outreach activities always work to encourage people to improve their conditions in all dimensions of their lives.

The development of people is the ultimate goal of Extension education and Field Outreach activities. Providing research-based information, teaching people new knowledge and skills, helping them to improve production or increase income.

The methods of Extension education and Field Outreach activities arise from proven principles, and the most effective Extension Educators and Field Outreach activists know and use a variety of teaching methods.

Extension work is most successful as it involves learners in its programs so thoroughly that they set their own goals, apply new ideas and receive feedback from others about their progress. Extension does not dictate how people will solve problems or make decisions for them. Rather, it fosters the democratic ideal of self-governance by encouraging each person or group to choose the best among a variety of options.

The objectives of EWT are :

    1. To achieve the three I’s : Issue, Innovation, Impact.
    2. To provide career orientation and job orientation to the college students.
    3. To bridge the knowledge gap between the College, University and the Community.
    4. To enhance employability of the students.
    5. To provide opportunity to the students for development of marketable work skills.
    6. To give opportunity to the students to apply classroom knowledge for the benefit of the community (Lab to Land).
    7. To make the students aware of social problems in the community.
    8. To enable the students to find their socio-cultural roots.
    9. To interact with the community in which we work.
    10. To apply classroom knowledge for the benefit of the community.
    11. To utilize the manpower, material and knowledge resource of the educational institution for the benefit of the community.

Activities Planned 2016-17:

  1. Tree Plantation
  2. Career Project [CP]
  3. Anna Poorna Yojna [APY]
  4. Information Technology Project [ITP]
  5. Industry Orientation Project [IOP]
  6. Population Education Club [PEC]
  7. Survey Of Women’s Status [SWS]
  8. National Institute Of Open Schooling [NIOS]
  9. Population Education Club
  10. GRE Preparation

Working Committee

Extension work Officer :  
Dr.Ela Agarkar  
Mr. Ashwin Pathak  

Student Manager
  • Vaibhav Karnik
  • Paridhi Somani
  • Kaustubh Patil
  • Kunal Rana
  • Student Leader
  • Hemant Gupta
  • Sarvesh Kadam
  • Mayank Mishra
  • Saloni Jain
  • Viral Haria
  • Bijal Patel
  • Sarvesh Sawant
  • Vipul Agarwal
  • Ankita Singh
  • Harsh Kothari
  • Anisha Pandya
  • Activities Conducted-Tree Plantation