CSI-TCET is the student branch of the Computer Society of India (CSI) at Thakur College of Engineering and Technology (TCET), Mumbai. Today, CSI has members from all over the nation including famous industry leaders, brilliant scientists, and dedicated academicians.

The mission of CSI is to facilitate research, knowledge sharing, learning & career enhancement, while simultaneously inspiring and nurturing new talent and innovations. CSI-TCET aims to provide the students of TCET, across all four departments, the best opportunities to acquire knowledge and gain experience in varied fields and thus help them become better professionals.

There are more than 170 registered members and the chapter is still growing day by day. Activities are being continuously planned and conducted.

CSI-TCET has gone on to become one of the most active students organizations at TCET.

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IEEE - TCET boasts of a head count of 136 students across all departments. Being an IEEE member entitles them to a monthly magazine, access to the IEEE international website and various other benefits.

A.Y.2016-17 activities

TCET's Zephyr'16 30thSeptember-2nd October 2016
Webchamps 21st October 2016
Industrial Visit 3rdJanuary-11th January 2017
Workshop on GIT Version Control 22nd February 2017
Multicon-W February 2017
Technical Debate Competition 10th March 2017
Technical Quiz 24thMarch 2017
Bridge Course(S.E)-Analysis of Algorithm 23rdJanuary-5th April 2017
Bridge Course(T.E)-Professional Ethics 23rdJanuary-5th April 2017
Bridge Course(B.E)-Latex 23rdJanuary-5th April 2017
Institute Hackathon April 2017
Technical Magazine Release April 2017
Project Competition-Zeigen 1st April 2017

A.Y.2015-16 activities

Zephyr-15 21st-26th September 2015
Webchamps 17th October 2015
Seminar(Business Continuity Planning through disaster management) 3rd October 2015
Industrial Visit January 2016
Workshop on Cloud Computing March 2016
Workshop on R Programming March 2016
Project Competition – Zeigen March 2016

A.Y.2014-15 activities

Code Cypher August 2014
Bridge Course Aug-Oct 2014
Zephyr September 2014
Industrial Visit December 2014
TechBirth Poster Competition January 2015

Future plans

To organize workshops & seminars related to the latest technological trends. To organize the Techfest Zephyr on a larger scale and other competitive events throughout the year

Working Committee

In-Charge Dr. R. R. Sedamkar
Faculty In-Charge Mr. Vikas Singh

Chairperson Pratik Singh
Vice Chairperson Ashish Kothari
Treasurer Agrim Singh
Event Manager Saurabh Indoria
Secretary Sonu Mehta
Sponsorship Head Ankit Singh