About P.G. Programme

The institute started with a clear objective to provide breadth of engineering knowledge to undergraduate students. Looking in to the demand from engineering graduates to enhance their technical competence and deepen their understanding, the post graduate studies department was initiated with the starting of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering program in the year 2008. This was followed by Computer Engineering and Information Technology programs in the year 2011.

The objective of the post graduate department is to prepare the students for professional careers in industry at an advanced level or to pursue research studies in their field of interest. The post graduate departments have laboratories with research facilities and equipped with state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure. The department also conducts number of value added courses to enrich students learning. Research Colloquium is a unique program conducted by the department with the intent of giving direction and focus to their project work with a research perspective.

Teaching Assistantship and Research Assistantship are offered to students to meet the cost of their studies, other benefits include career advising, placement assistance, access to alumni network and industry connections.