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New Arrivals June 2017
Acc.No. Author Title Publisher
Acc. No. Author Title Publisher
25826-25855 Garg, S Irrigation engineering & hydraulic structures: water resources engg. Vol.2 Khanna Pub.
25856-25885 Punmia,B.C. Irrigation & water power engineering Laxmi
25886-25915 Seetharaman,S. Construction engineering & management Umesh pub.
25916-25933 Kadiyali,L.R. Traffic engineering & Transport planning Khanna
25934-25943 Roess,Roger,p. Traffic engineering Pearson
25944-25973 Raju,N.K. Prestressed Concrete MGH
25974-26003 Murthy,V.N.S. Advanced Foundation engineering: Geotechnical engineering series CBS
26004-26005 Garcia-Molina,H. Database system implementation Pearson
26006-26010 Chandrasekar,V. Communication Systems OUP
26011-26015 Bhasin,H. Algorithms: design & analysis OUP
26016-26025 Kanetkar,Y. Let us Java BPB
26026-26030 Thareja, R. Data Structures using C OUP
26031-26060 Shah,V.L. Limit stste theory & design of Reinforced Concrete Structures pub.
26061-26062 Dallas, M. Vaue & risk management:a guide to best practice Blackwell
26063-26072 Dennis, A Systems analysis & design Wiley
26073-26075 Sazinger,J Introduction to Systems analysis & design:an agile iterative approach Cengage
26076-26078 Deasai,S. ERP to E2RP:a case study approach PHI
26079-26083 Bhasin,H, Algorithms: Design & analysis OUP
26084-26088 Rogers, Yvonne Interaction design: beyond human computer interaction Wiley
26089-26093 Cooper,A. About Face:the essentials of interaction design Wiley
26094-26123 Datta,B.N. Estimating & costing in civil engineering UBS
26124-26153 Garg.S. Environmental engg. Vol.2:Sewage disposal & air pollution engg. Khanna
26154-26183 Punmia,B.C. Environmental engineering-I: water supply engineering Laxmi
26184-26213 Punmia,B.C. Environmental engineering vol.2:waste water engineering (including air Pollution) Laxmi
26214 Kajale,N.M. Missing the bus Notion press
26215 Kashyap,V. Mahamanav Mi Buddhist Foundation
New Arrivals June 2017

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25734-25738 Sarkar,C.K. Optoelectronics & Fiber Optics Communication New Age
25739-25740 Kakani,S.L. Carbon Nanotubes New Age
25741-25743 Kar,S. Microwave Engineering Universities Press
25744 McNab,C. Network Security Assessment SPD
25745 Colantonio,P. High Efficiency RF & Microwave Solid State Power amplifiers Wiley
25746 Mahafza,B R. Radar Systems analysis & design using MATLAB CRC
25747 Sclater,N. Mechanisms & Mechanical Devices Sourcebook MGH
25748 ISRD Group Data Structures using C MGH
25749-25750 Chaffey,D. E-Business & e-commerce management: Strategy ,implementation & practice Pearson
25751-25752 D T Editorial Services Big Data black book Dreamtech
25753-25754 Acharya S. Big Data Analytics Wiley
25755-25759 Abel, P. IBC PC Assembly Language & Programming Pearson
25760-25764 Bratko,I. Prolog: Programming for artificial inteligence Pearson
25765-25769 Goldberg, D. Genetic algorithm in search, optimization & machine learning Pearson
25770-25774 Jain ,R.P. Modern Digital Electronics MGH
25775-25779 Mano,M. M. Digital Logic & computer design Pearson
25780-25784 Bhasker,J. A VHDL Primer Pearson
25785 Swamy,R.N. Fiber Reinforced Cements & Concretes Taylor & Francis
25786 Mehta,N.V. Income Tax ready reckoner 2017-18 Shri kuber publ.
25787-25788 Razavi, B. RF Microelectronics Pearson
25789-25798 Thareja, R. Data Structures using C OUP
25799-25803 Antonakos,J. The Pentium Microprocessor Pearson
25804-25813 Whitten,Jeffrey System analysis & design Methods MGH
25814-25818 Leon,A. ERP demystified MGH
25819-25823 Forouzan,B Cryptography & network Security MGH
25824-25825 Papoulis,A. Signal Analysis MGH