ACM is a New York, USA based organization. Chapters are the “local neighbourhoods” of ACM. Worldwide ACM’s Professional and Student chapters serve as nodes of activity for ACM members and the computing community at large, offering seminars, lectures, and the opportunity to meet peers and experts in many fields of interest.

TCET ACM SIGAI is a professional body that was established in January 2023. It is a body that aims to bring together and inculcate research ideologies in people from all over India with a passion in the field of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning by means of conducting seminars, debates, Kaggle competitions, etc

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Activities Conducted

Sr No. Date Name of the event
1 21 January 2023 Core Committee Formation and briefing of roles and responsibilities
2 28 January 2023 Membership Drive
3 10 February 2023 National Level Webinar on Natural Language Processing
4 20 February 2023 Multicon-W 2023Machine Learning Qualification Pack Workshop
5 10 March 2023 National Level Technical Debate
6 24 March 2023 National Level Kaggle Competition
7 08 April 2023 National Level Technical Seminar: Dive into the AI and Machine Learning Universe

Future plans

To conduct technical workshops and coding competitions for members.

To raise awareness about the body and conduct more events for a larger number of members.

Working Committee

Faculty Sponsor Dr. Megharani Patil
Membership Chair Mrs. Rupinder Kaur

Chairperson Mr. Yash Suvarna
Vice-Chairperson Ms. Samhita Kothandaraman
Secretary  Mr. Aryan Singh
Treasurer Mr. Harshvardhan Thakur
Webmaster Mr. Yoshit Verma
Technical Head Mr. Rishi Jha
Publication Head Ms. Aanshula Shetty
Event Manager Ms. Vedanti Wadekar

For Discover More Please Visit: ACM-SIGAI Website