ACM is a New York, USA based organization. Chapters are the “local neighborhoods” of ACM. Worldwide ACM’s Professional and Student chapters serve as nodes of activity for ACM members and the computing community at large, offering seminars, lectures, and the opportunity to meet peers and experts in many fields of interest.

TCET-ACM is one of such chapter. It was founded in July 2011 in collaboration with ACM special Interest Group (SIG) in Information Technology Education (SIGITE). TCET-ACM boasts of a head count of 165 students across all departments. Being an ACM member entitles them to monthly ACM newsletter, ACM conference & workshop access, and ACM Digital Library Access at concessional rates.

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Important activities


Industrial visit to Cochin Allepy-Munnar. Industries 1.UST GLOBAL Pvt Ltd
2.NestSoft Pvt Ltd
3.Hykon India Pvt Ltd.
January 2017
Bridge Course for second year “Ethics in Engineering and Value Education: Self Management” January 2017
Bridge Course for Third year “Ethics in Engineering and Value Education: Professional Ethics” January 2017
Bridge course on “R- Programming and Operational Intelligence February 2017
  Bridge course on “Certified Vulnerability Assessment and Ethical Hacking February 2017
Seminar on “Path for Higher Education” February 2017
Seminar on “ IOT based Applications” March 2017
Workshop on and “Basics of ADO.NET” March 2017
Mini Project Competition for Second and third year students based on the subject such as distributed System, Software Engineering ,Advance Internet Technology, Web Programming March 2017
Bridge Course on “Data Virtualization  Data Virtualization March 2017
On day Industrial visit to visit Govardhan Eco village March 2017
Institute level Hackathon March 2017
Zephyr-14 Technical Festival September 2014
Seminar on Ethical Hacking September 2014
Bridge Course for second year Student on Ethical Values September 2014
Ezine Magazine, 3rd Issue February 2015
Multicon W 2015 February 2015
Cloud Computing research under Microsoft Educator Grant February 2015
Microsoft dream spark program for ACM core member February 2015
Industrial Visit(for 2 days) March 2015
BE Project Competition April 2015
Mini- Project competition for 2nd year & 3rd year students April 2015

Future plans

To have technical & softskill workshop for our members

To spread awareness about ACM and get more and more members to join the chapter

Working Committee

In-Charge Dr. Rajesh Bansode.
Coordinator Mr. Rahul Neve
Mr Sandip Bankar

Chairperson Ayush Datta
Vice Chairperson Nishita Desai
Sponsorship Head Pooja Jain
Treasurer Varun Agrwal
Event Manager Vamil Gandhi
Secretary Shradha Paghdar