ACM-SIGITE is the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group for IT Education. ACM is the world's largest educational and scientific computing society and it delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. SIGITE provides a forum to discuss, develop, evolve, and promote the discipline of IT. To articulate, promote, and dissemination of research related to IT, TCET-ACM is founded in A.Y. 2011-12, which is managed by Department of Information Technology. The chapter offers seminars, guest lectures, and the opportunity to meet peers and experts in many fields of interest. The chapter boasts of a head count of 165 members. Being an ACM member entitles them to monthly ACM newsletter, ACM conference and workshop access, and ACM Digital Library Access at concessional rates. E-magazine named E-ZINE is published twice in academic year, which has technical articles of students and faculty.

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Important activities


Activity Date
29/08/2020 Webinar on "Stepping Towards Competitive Programming"
24/10/2020 Session on "Fundamentals of Desktop Application Development using JavaFX”
31/10/2020 Webinar on Higher Studies
1/11/2020 Workshop on Lens Studio

Future plans

  • To have technical & softskill workshop for our members
  • To spread awareness about ACM and get more and more members to join the chapter
  • Working Committee

    Branch Counselor
    Dr Rajesh Bansode
    Faculty lncharge Mr. Rahul Neve
    Faculty lncharge Mr Sandip Bankar
    Faculty lncharge Mrs Shruti Mathur

    Chairperson Shubham Sandeep Gadia
    Vice Chairperson Urvi Rajesh Sharma
    Sponsorship Head Kripa Jignesh Damania
    Event Manager Pratishtha Rishi Singh
    Secretary Nidhi Sachin Shetty
    Treasurer Heeth Pradeep Jain
    Publication Head Ranveer Kiran Shah
    Web Master Manwitha Devdas Anchan