Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Thakur College of Engineering and Technology initiated Entrepreneurship Development Cell on September 5, 2014 in association with NEN.
TCET-EDC aims at developing the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students of TCET. It craves not only to ignite the minds but also to nurture the ideas of the students. EDC is committed to build a strong platform for the budding entrepreneurs. The vision is to guide the students to take entrepreneurship as a career and as a path to success.


EDC committee

Sr. No. Name of faculty Department
01 Mrs. Sangeeta Mishra EXTC
02 Mr. Anil Vasoya IT
03 Ms. Megharani Patil CMPN
04 Ms. Neha Chavan MECH
05 Mr. Hemant Kasturiwala ETRX
06 Mr. Rohit singh H&S

E- Week : (February 14-20, 2015)
The most important objective of E-Week was to inspire entrepreneurship ideas in students’ minds. In the E-week, a series of exciting and competitive entrepreneurship skill testing events were organized, where the students could compete and judge themselves.

R&D -Cell Calendar 2014-15

Sr. No. Date Event / Activity
01 05/09/14 EDC Cell Inauguration
02 10/09/14 Seminar on Idea Generation.
03 27/09/14 Workshop on Entrepreneurship Startup
04 04/10/14 Seminar on Entrepreneurship
05 13/2/15 to 21/2/15 E-Week
06 23/1/15 Workshop on Business Plan IIT Bombay Workshop
07 7/3/15 I.V. related to E-Cell to Pune
08 20/4/15 to 25/4/15 Project Group & Idea Selection for A.Y. 2015-16 OR Project Idea Competition