Projects And Grants

Research Grants:

University of Mumbai :

Sr. No Name Of Faculty Project Title
1 Mr. Bijith Marakarkandy (IT) Real Time Face Recognition for the purpose of survelliance
2 Mr. Rajesh Bansode (IT) FPGA Based (MIMO-OFDM) Peak to Noise Average Power Ratio Reduction (PAPR) using 2 x 2 , 4 x 4 antennas for Channel Capacity Improvement
3 Mr. Vinitkumar Dongre (EXTC) Gain and Bandwith Enhancement of Helical Loaded Cavity Backed Antenna
4 Mrs. Hetal Amrutia (IT) RFID Based Attendance Management System
5 Dr. Lochan Jolly (EXTC) Next generation Farming
6 Mrs. Megha Gupta (EXTC) Home Automation using Speech and Clap recognition System
7 Mrs. Sonal Barvey (ETRX) Solar Harvesting and its Efficient Utilisation
8 Dr. Rajni Bahuguna (H&S) Synthesis, Characterization and gas sensing properties of conducting polymer nanocomposites
9 Mr. Rohit K. Singh (H&S) Acid-free Nitration of Quinoline Analogues using Metal Nitrate
10 Mr. Sanjeev Ghosh (EXTC) Image Processing based book reader, facial recognition along with GPS tracker for visually impaired
11 Mr. Deepak Shete (EXTC) 7am Arivu – The Seventh Sense
12 Mr. Manoj Shyam Chavan (EXTC) Hidden Markov Model based Online Handwritten Signature Verification using Hybrid Wavelet Transform
13 Ms. Anvita Birje (EXTC) QuadCopter controlled by Android mobile
14 Dr. Sangeeta Mishra (EXTC) Electronic Oxygen Tree
15 Mr. Vaibhav Gijre (ETRX) TCETDUINO-AVR Development Board
16 Mr. Kiran Bhandari (CMPN) Portable Wireless Patient Monitoring System Using GSM
17 Mr. Rajesh Behra (MECH) Magnetic Wheel based on magnetic propulsion and levitation
18 Ms. Nita Jain (H&S) Heat transfer analysis of magneto hydrodynamic non-Newtonian fluids
19 Dr. Poonam Ojha (H&S) Ethical Behaviour among TCET Engineering Undergraduates
20 Mrs. Aradhana Manekar (EXTC) Telepresence Robot with Stereoscopic Vision
21 Ms. Sujata Kulkarni (EXTC) Smart Parking Management System
22 Ms. Sukruti Kaulgud (EXTC) On Panel Signalling with autobraking of Train and Monitoring of Railway Tracks
23 Ms. Rupali Mane (EXTC) Smart Medibox
24 Dr. Vinitkumar Dongre (EXTC) Slotted Dual Band Patch Antenna Embedded with Metamaterial for WLAN and WiMAX Application
25 Dr. Bijith Marakarkandy (IT) A Portable Dental Caries Detection and Classification system
26 Mr. Anil Vasoya (IT) Virtual Computing Lab in College using Hybrid Cloud
27 Mrs. Neha Kapadia (IT) IoT (Internet of Things) based Highway Toll Deduction System
28 Mrs. Neha Patwari (IT) Transmitted Advanced Safety Assistance Automobile System (TRASAS)
29 Ms. Sangeeta Vhatkar (IT) PEGASIS based Irrigation Control System in WSN using IOT
30 Mr. Bhushan Nemade (IT) Cloud based surveillance system using Adaptive Automatic Video Tracking Learning and Detection
31 Dr. Sandhya Save (ETRX) PLC Based Waste Segregation System for Green Environment
32 Mr. Krishnakant Mishra (H&S) Study of Electro-Optical properties of Quantum Dots Doped in Liquid crystal Polymer system