Product Development:

1) Online Examination: A Software is developed by Ms. Rashmi Thakur, Assistant Professor in Computer Engineering department. This software is utilized by institute to generate results of students for all branches and provide different statistical analysis required by institute.

2) Quizer: It is a software developed by Information Technology department for training students appearing for competitive examinations.

3) Wall Climbing Robot: This product is developed by EXTC department with a purpose of surveillance. This robot can climb the wall at 90 degree to reach all the unreachable places. The places where it is difficult to observe/ reach the premises through regular camera or for human being.

4) Quadra chopper for surveillance: This particular product is developed on the concept of Drawn plane. The cost effectiveness is the characteristic of this product which is developed by Electronics department.

Projects: 2013-14
Sr. No. Project Title Department
1 Online Exam for Information Technology IT
2 Application of Spatial Data Mining in Accidental Analysis System
3 College Portal
4 Weighted Page Rank Algorithm
5 An Improved AES Algorithm Based on Chaos
6 Mobile Voting with LBS CMPN
7 Stenography Using Sudoku
8 Web Portal for Collaborative Learning
9 Time-Attendance Via Face Detection and Face Recognition
11 Implementation & Analysis of Face Detection Algorithm
13 PLC Based Automation
14 Implementation of Reed Solomon Coder
15 Col Diesis EXTC
16 Electrically Controlled Suspension
17 Wall Climbing Robot
18 Optical Packet Switching Using Space Switch Arrays
19 Myoelectrically Controlled Robotic Arm Prosthesis